Action Planet

Action Planet is a conceptual project made in collaboration with User Experience Designer, Tara Hosseinipour.  We set out to design an experience that helps children monitor their asthma. In order to educate children about lung health and notify parents or doctors when there are changes, we created a system with an app and peak flow attachment to track trends in a child’s asthma through daily mini games.  


We created an experience that is easy to set up.  The user can select from a variety of silly creatures, and set out on an adventure that would be fun and motivating for a child throughout its use. 




We designed a series of mini games a child could interact with everyday. By blowing into the digital peak flow monitor, the child can move a character to obtain the prize. The game ends after 3 tries- a common routine for measuring one's peak flow. Afterwards, the child can get their reading and it is stored within the app for their parents to track. The simple technology and UX would allow for varied game play that would help strengthen lungs in a fun and engaging way.